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Version: v4


Reporting a Vulnerability

NextAuth.js practices responsible disclosure.

We request that you contact us directly to report serious issues that might impact the security of sites using NextAuth.js.

If you contact us regarding a serious issue:

  • We will endeavor to get back to you within 72 hours.
  • We will aim to publish a fix within 30 days.
  • We will disclose the issue (and credit you, with your consent) once a fix to resolve the issue has been released.
  • If 90 days has elapsed and we still don't have a fix, we will disclose the issue publicly.

The best way to report an issue is by contacting us via email at,, and, or raise a public issue requesting someone get in touch with you via whatever means you prefer for more details. (Please do not disclose sensitive details publicly at this stage.)


For less serious issues (e.g. RFC compliance for unsupported flows or potential issues that may cause a problem in the future) it is appropriate to submit these these publically as bug reports or feature requests or to raise a question to open a discussion around them.

Supported Versions

Security updates are only released for the current version.

Old releases are not maintained and do not receive updates.