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Tutorials and Explainers

These tutorials are contributed by the community. Unless otherwise indicated, tutorials are hosted on this site. External and video based tutorials are denoted with the appropriate icons.

New submissions and edits are welcome!


Introduction to NextAuth.js YouTube

  • This is an introductory video to NextAuth.js for beginners. In this video, it is explained how to set up authentication in a few easy steps and add different configurations to make it more robust and secure.

Authentication patterns for Next.js External

  • Next.js supports multiple patterns for authentication, each designed for different use cases. This guide will allow you to choose your adventure based on your constraints. By Lee Robinson.

Adding Authentication to an existing Next.js Application in no time!

  • This tutorial walks one through adding NextAuth.js to an existing project. Including setting up the OAuth client id and secret, adding the API routes for authentication, protecting pages and API routes behind that authentication, etc.

Adding social authentication support to a Next.js app External

  • A tutorial by Arunoda Susirpiala. Checkout GetStarted for more examples.

How to Authenticate Next.js Apps with Twitter & NextAuth.js External

  • Learn how to add Twitter authentication and login to a Next.js app both clientside and serverside with NextAuth.js.

NextJS Authentication Crash Course with NextAuth.js YouTube

  • This tutorial dives into the ins and outs of NextAuth, including using the Email, Github, Twitter and Auth0 providers in under an hour.

Create your own NextAuth.js Login Pages YouTube

  • This tutorial shows you how to jump in and create your own custom login pages versus using the ones provided by NextAuth.js

Passwordless Authentication with next-auth YouTube

  • A video tutorial by Xiaoru Li from Prisma.

How to authenticate Next.js Apps with Sign-In With Ethereum (SIWE) & NextAuth.js External

  • Learn how to use Sign-In With Ethereum to authenticate your users with their existing Ethereum wallets - identifiers they personally control.
  • Example application: spruceid/siwe-next-auth-example

Next.js Authentication with Okta and NextAuth.js 4.0 External

  • Learn how to perform authentication with an OIDC Application in Okta and NextAuth.js.


Learn how to implement passwordless/magic link authentication with database storage in your Next.js projects using NextAuth and Fauna DB.

The final version of the project's code can be found on Github. You can use it as a starting point for any Next.js app that requires passwordless authentication.

You can also preview the example live here.

This tutorial covers:

  • Configuring Next.js, NextAuth.js, and Fauna to work together seamlessly
  • Using Next.js dynamic API routes to handle authentication requests
  • Using Fauna and the Fauna Adapter for next-auth to persist users, email sign in tokens, and sessions
  • Creating custom login and confirmation pages with React + Tailwind CSS
  • Customizing the sign-in email and sending a welcome email to new users

Passwordless Authentication with Next.js, Prisma, and next-auth

  • In this post, you'll learn how to add passwordless authentication to your Next.js app using Prisma and next-auth. By the end of this tutorial, your users will be able to log in to your app with either their GitHub account or a Slack-styled magic link sent right to their Email inbox. By Xiaoru Li.

Fullstack Authentication Example with Next.js and NextAuth.js External

  • This example shows how to implement a full-stack app in TypeScript with Next.js using Prisma Client as a backend. It also demonstrates how to implement authentication using NextAuth.js. By Nikolas Burk at Prisma.


Add auth support to a Next.js app with a custom backend External

  • A tutorial by Arunoda Susirpiala.

How to Configure Azure AD B2C Authentication with Next.js External

  • Configuring authentication with Azure B2C in Next.js is not a particularly straight forward process. We'll look at how to facilitate this using the NextAuth.js library. By Ben Fox.

Sign in with Apple in NextJS External

  • This tutorial walks step by step on how to get sign in with Apple working (both locally and on a deployed website) using NextAuth.js.
  • Learn how to use Magic.Link authentication with NextAuth.js to enable passwordless authentication without a database.


Create a NextAuth.js Custom Adapter with HarperDB & Next.js External

Using NextAuth.js with Prisma and PlanetScale serverless databases External

  • How to set up a PlanetScale database to fetch and store user / account data with the Prisma adapter.