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Version: v3


Core Team

Special thanks to Lori Karikari for creating most of the providers, to Nico Domino for creating this site, to Fredrik Pettersen for creating the Prisma adapter, to Gerald Nolan for adding support for Sign in with Apple, to Lluis Agusti for work to add TypeScript definitions and to Jefferson Bledsoe for working on automating testing.

Other Contributors

NextAuth.js as it exists today has been possible thanks to the work of many individual contributors.

Thank you to the dozens of individual contributors who have help shaped NextAuth.js.


NextAuth.js was originally developed by Iain Collins in 2016.

In 2020, NextAuth.js was rebuilt from the ground up to support Serverless, with support for MySQL, Postgres and MongoDB, JSON Web Tokens and built in support for over a dozen authentication providers.