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Version: v3

Custom models with TypeORM

NextAuth.js provides a set of models and schemas for the built-in TypeORM adapter that you can easily extend.

You can use these models with MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres, MongoDB and SQLite.

Creating custom models

import Adapters from "next-auth/adapters"

// Extend the built-in models using class inheritance
export default class User extends Adapters.TypeORM.Models.User.model {
// You can extend the options in a model but you should not remove the base
// properties or change the order of the built-in options on the constructor
constructor(name, email, image, emailVerified) {
super(name, email, image, emailVerified)

export const UserSchema = {
name: "User",
target: User,
columns: {
// Adds a phoneNumber to the User schema
phoneNumber: {
type: "varchar",
nullable: true,
// To make importing them easier, you can export all models from single file
import User, { UserSchema } from "./User"

export default {
User: {
model: User,
schema: UserSchema,

Using custom models

You can use custom models by specifying the TypeORM adapter explicitly and passing them as an option.

import NextAuth from "next-auth"
import Providers from "next-auth/providers"
import Adapters from "next-auth/adapters"

import Models from "../../../models"

export default NextAuth({
providers: [
// Your providers

adapter: Adapters.TypeORM.Adapter(
// The first argument should be a database connection string or TypeORM config object
// The second argument can be used to pass custom models and schemas
models: {
User: Models.User,