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Version: v4


Refresh Token Rotation

  • How to implement refresh token rotation.

LDAP Authentication

  • How to use the Credentials Provider to authenticate against an LDAP database. This approach can be used to authenticate existing user accounts against any backend.

Adding HTTP(S) Proxy Support

  • Add support for HTTP/HTTPS Proxy support to openid-client in order to use NextAuth.js behind a corporate proxy or other locked down network.

Using the Email Provider behind Corporate Email Scanning Services

  • An internal tutorial on modifying the catch-all API Route to gracefully handle HEAD requests.


Custom models with TypeORM

  • How to use models with custom properties using the TypeORM adapter.

Creating a database adapter

  • How to create a custom adapter, to use any database to fetch and store user / account data.

Adding role based login to database session strategy

  • Implement a role based login system by adding a custom session callback.