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Version: v4



Osso is an open source service that handles SAML authentication against Identity Providers, normalizes profiles, and makes those profiles available to you in an OAuth 2.0 code grant flow.

If you don't yet have an Osso instance, you can use Osso's Demo App for your testing purposes. For documentation on deploying an Osso instance, see


You can configure your OAuth Clients on your Osso Admin UI, i.e. - you'll need to get a Client ID and Secret and allow-list your redirect URIs.

SAML SSO differs a bit from OAuth - for every tenant who wants to sign in to your application using SAML, you and your customer need to perform a multi-step configuration in Osso's Admin UI and the admin dashboard of the tenant's Identity Provider. Osso provides documentation for providers like Okta and OneLogin, cloud-based IDPs who also offer a developer account that's useful for testing. Osso also provides a Mock IDP that you can use for testing without needing to sign up for an Identity Provider service.

See Osso's complete configuration and testing documentation at


The Osso Provider comes with a set of default options:

You can override any of the options to suit your own use case.


A full example application is available at and

import OssoProvider from "next-auth/providers/osso";
providers: [
clientId: process.env.OSSO_CLIENT_ID,
clientSecret: process.env.OSSO_CLIENT_SECRET,
issuer: process.env.OSSO_ISSUER

issuer should be the fully qualified domain – e.g.